EDIT - Body sculpting and Background


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2. E-mail your HQ picture to [email protected] .

~Background changes ( according to request )

~Specialty Graphics

~Accessories added/ removed/ changed/ colorized

~Clothing adjusted/ colorized

~Hair added/ removed/ changed/ colorized

~Skin freshened, blended, smoothed

~Blemishes removed

~Eyes brightened, sharpened, color enhanced

~Makeup cleaned up

~Makeup added (facial powder, blush, lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner)

~French Manicure added to nail tips

~Lashes enhanced/ added

~Brows shaped/ cleaned up/ replaced

~Stray hairs removed

~Tattoo or piercing added / removed

~Photo cropped, color corrected, lighting corrected, sharpened

Cost: Flat Rate $26.00

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